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Our job is to get you results

Using principles honed by marketing and advertising greats in the 20th century and the revolutionary tech of the 21st, we provide marketing that gets our clients results.

The second decade of the 21st century has brought us technology only shown in sci-fi movies just a decade earlier. It has irrevocably changed the way people shop and choose the products and services they want to buy.

Online search on a multitude of devices is a way of life today. Whether it’s a person’s smartphone, their tablet or laptop, barely a meaningful purchase occurs without an online touch down.

Per Google’s ebook, “The Zero Moment of Truth”:

“Google ran a study with Shopper Sciences early in 2012, looking at the purchase journey for 3,000 shoppers in tech, CPG, auto and finance. What we found were 3,000 completely different paths!1 But when we drilled down, we found certain stops, or ‘hubs,’ in common.

“The largest hub for every category was online search. No matter where consumers entered their journey, they touched down on search at least once, and usually many times.”

Successful Marketing Campaigns

A campaign is a connected series of actions designed to bring about a particular result, and in the case of a marketing campaign: to bring about high awareness of a product brand or service, a desire to purchase that item – and the actual purchase of the item.

The keynotes of a successful marketing campaign are:

Gilleard Marketing has the know-how, expertise and experience to create marketing campaigns for your product or service that gets results!

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